What Would Your Ancestors Eat? Think Paleo and Primal

I feel so much healthier, and so do many people, eating closer to nature. When you are away from the city (or just imagine being in the country), look around you. What do you see most of? Green, leaves, grass, vegetation, right? Get closer to the trees. Might they be nut or fruit trees? Perhaps there are some berry bushes.

If you’re really quiet, small or large animals may appear. All of these were food sources for the ancient race of people on our planet. This would be considered primal or paleo diets, depending on your specific philosophy. Grains are rarely eaten, as you might have gathered from your mental foray. Can you imagine trying to peel open tiny grains? That would take quite some effort. Keep it simple, but note you can still enjoy yummy desserts and comfort food with my new cookbook Desserts and Comfort Foods For EVERY Body.