The Secret of Cooking for Food Allergies

Even though I don’t have food sensitivities, I cook and eat as if I doÖgo figure! I always wanted to eat as healthy as possible, so I simply cut out wheat, then sugars of all kinds and finally cow milk products. So I have worked for decades to come up with fun, delicious, and most important; satisfying ways to eat healthy food. I enjoy the creative process of developing recipes that thrill the palate but keep people healthy or make them healthier.

So what’s the secret? Just think of flavor, color and love! Herbs, spices, organic flavorful oils, fresh organic fruits or vegetables, organic nuts and seeds, organic protein of all kinds and most important for flavor: gourmet salt. The best I’ve found in the Himalayan, “pink salt” you can find at most stores now in the health section.

Let’s get started with some fun ideas. Do you love pasta, but don’t want the starch? Try julienne vegetables with your sauce of choice, pesto, savory tomato, or even ‘a la carbonara (bacon flavor).

What about pie crusts? You can make any crust with nuts, ground up and blended with a bit of salt and sweet (like Stevia, for low-glycemic). I love putting cinnamon in my pumpkin pie crust. What a surprise! And it’s naturally sweet. I toss in some thyme for the quiche crust. All made with various kinds of nuts. My favorite for quiche is almond flour.

What about the pie filling? Fruit and Stevia work great together if you want to fool your taste buds into thinking it’s sugar. I make a raisin sauce to combine with Stevia since I’m too sensitive to sugar to use date paste or other concentrated fruit sweeteners.

Even cakes and sweet breads, like banana bread, can be made with almond meal flour combined with quinoa or amaranth flour. I’ve tried just almond meal flour on its own in carrot cake, for example, and it comes out really moist. I like it that way, almost like a pudding cake, so I recommend experimenting to find your “sweet spot” for dessert.

For cream soups, try using soaked, germinated cashews to blend in the blender with cooked veggies of your choice. They are softer than other nuts when soaked and the flavor is wonderful. It’s also really filling and satisfying!

When a person gets the natural, healthy oils and salts their body needs, they will feel satisfied! And remember the flavor!