Paleo and Primal Diet Solutions

Whatís a Paleo Diet?

Itís a carnivorous, low carbohydrate sometimes raw foods†diet. Most people now think of the paleo diet as any food, cooked or raw, that uses mostly meats, fish, veggies, some fruit, some nuts and seeds, healthful oils and some herbs. Whole leaf stevia is okay, as itís one of the few really, truly natural and no-glycemic sweeteners.

Most of the foods in my cookbook are not raw, but there are some raw recipes or ones that can be converted to raw.

What is a Primal Diet?

“Excess consumption of sugar, starch, and cereal-based carbohydrates is†easily the most destructive dietary tendency today. It is a rampant problem, leading to heart disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer, and many other degenerative disorders as well as numerous mental health and cognitive problems . . . As a whole, it is entirely preferable to avoid starch such as that found in rice and white or red potatoes, which contain easily on-quarter cup or more of very damaging high glycemic, glycating sugar, as well as anything containing gluten, including cereals, breads, pastas, and all the plethora of hidden sources.” – Nora Gedgaudas (page 26 of†Primal Body, Primal Mind)

Trying to eat a paleo or primal diet and stay interested in it?

Learn how to cook food that youíll love the taste of, with easy-to-follow recipes that will tempt your palate and tickle your taste buds with delight! My cookbooks have all you need to follow this diet to the letter and enjoy rich, delicious food anyone in your circle of friends or family will enjoy.