Healing without Drugs is Possible, Do-able and Being Done!

Doctors are finally realizing that about 60% of the population has some degree of Celiac disease, or gluten-intolerance. Also, Diabetes is becoming more and more prevalent, especially among children. Now doctors are also diagnosing both diseases in many people, finding a link between Celiac disease and Diabetes. With the way most people eat today, it’s not surprising. It’s also not surprising if you look at the pre-packaged gluten-free foods available. They’re typically loaded with starch, which breaks down into sugars; too much for someone at risk for Diabetes.

I’ve noticed that progressive doctors are healing everything from ADD and autism to schizophrenia with combined gluten-free and sugar-free diets and sometimes also allergen-free foods plus a few specific supplements (google “natural cures for” anything and you will be astounded!). Please don’t try this without a doctor’s supervision and please stay on your medication unless you are told by your doctor you can do something different!

Can you imagine what a mostly gluten-free and low glycemic diet can do for those of us who are not at risk, but just unwell? I do not have Celiac Disease and I’m not Diabetic, but I always wanted to eat as healthy as possible, so I simply cut out wheat a long time ago as a staple in my life. I eat it almost never now. Also, I was borderline Hypoglycemic, which many of you know, through hard experience, can turn to Diabetes.

Also, can you imagine the mood improvement in everyone who watches their gluten intake more carefully? I have noticed a marked improvement in my own emotional balance, even through hormonal cycles that would normally cause me to be grumpier!

It does require some food prep. But I have worked for twenty years to make it easier on everyone. I love cooking for special diets. So here you are, my gift to you (well, there is a cost to it, but much less than the half-a-million I put into the restaurant to find out everyone loves my recipes!)