Gluten-Free without Weight-Gain

When you have to eat gluten-free, and you start looking at packages of gluten-free food, be sure to check the sugars and carbs. You’ll be shocked at how high they are. Why? Because potato starch, bean flour, corn starch and tapioca flour are typical ingredients. And no one seems to be worried about your sugar intake!

What’s the answer to this dilemma? Go back to cave days and hunt, fish, pick berries and nuts, or become a food artist!

How? You can get creative by using nuts and seeds in place of flour for your desserts and even quiche or Shepherd’s pie. You don’t have to lose these treats to stay slim. They actually taste better to many people due to the rich ingredients! But they are not riches that will cause fat to form. Sugar and starch are what create fat, not good, healthy oils and fats!

Then go nuts with fruit, Stevia and other natural non-nutritive sweeteners. They taste better and fool your tongue if balances with something sweet like applesauce, or other fruit sauces you can make yourself quite easily. Replace sugar, honey or agave with fruit sauces combined with whole leaf liquid Stevia (by Sweet Leaf, it’s brown, not clear). Ask your health store about it. It’s the only natural non-nutritive sweetener I can honestly recommend, knowing what I do about processing. And frozen organic fruit (so you avoid refined, added sugars) work well, blended in the blender, once thawed, to make your own yummy flavors for pancake sauce/syrup.

Pancakes are delicious when made high-protein. They contain nuts and seeds blended with eggs, cottage or ricotta cheese (if you can eat dairy, if not, use some organic canned coconut milk, the thick part, or cashew cream from soaked cashews), grape-seed oil, a little salt, cinnamon, Stevia and vanilla. Toss in a bit of baking soda or powder and voila! You have pancakes, or crepes if you add some water. You’ll know it will work by the texture of your mix.

With some desserts, especially pie crusts, you may want to use about º cup amaranth or quinoa flour for a firmer crust or cake. Don’t trust millet as it may be cross-contaminated with wheat these days. You can also use these flours to thicken soups or sauces and gravies, too.

To top it all off, add fresh herbs and spices to your diet with gourmet, healthy salt such as pink Himalayan or Celtic sea salt full of minerals. Your body will love the nutrients it’s getting, the natural flavors and textures, and it will stay slim while you feel great!