Gluten-Free Diet May be Diabetic Risk

Reader’s Digest recently published an article that talked about how even though our blood sugar might seem fine, if it’s at the high end of the spectrum when tested, we are still at risk for diabetes. Also, family history and obesity play a role.

How does this related to GF diets? If we are eating processed GF foods and bread products, or even typical GF flour, cake, bread and pancake mixes, they can cause weight gain. Why? Because they are loaded with sugars and carbs! And don’t let “natural” or even “organic” labels fool you. I eat almost exclusively organic, but I still read the ingredients. High-carbohydrate ingredients like potato starch, tapioca starch and corn starch (Blech!) might throw blood sugar off. And of course, you probably know that Type II Diabetics are at risk for Celiac disease. See the connection?

Solution: Check labels and make your own desserts, bread, pasta substitutes, cakes, cookies, pies, pizza, etc. with my cookbooks that give you simple recipes that take very little time with good planning. Click here for more information.