Diabetic – Friendly, Low-Glycemic Diet Solutions

Diabetics with celiac disease (gluten-intolerance) are being diagnosed daily. And diabetics who donít even have celiac disease are finding benefits from a gluten-free diet. But how can you eat this way when all the pre-packaged foods are either loaded with sugar or flour? Even the diabetic-friendly foods often have lots of gluten. And the flour certainly doesnít help with blood-sugar levels.


The safest, best solution is to cook for yourself. And my cookbooks will give you simple, easy-to-follow recipes that people love!

Learn to shop around the outer section of the store, where youíll find fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, healthy oils and herbs. And believe it or not, those ingredients along with nutritious proteins, healthful cheeses (goat or vegan), and whole-leaf stevia can create sensational, delicious desserts and dinners, even comfort food, that is not only good for you, but healing, too!