Beyond Celiac Disease

Many progressive doctors are healing everything from ADD and Autism to Schizophrenia with a gluten-free diet! Some Diabetics have discovered that eliminating gluten from their diet has allowed them to lower or get off insulin completely, if accompanied by proper exercise and low-glycemic food. My recipes give them everything they need!

Stress-Relief and Other Benefits:

Stress can even be lowered eating gluten-free! Why? Because gluten negatively affects the adrenal glands, which produce serotonin, a stress-relieving hormone. I’ve noticed my menopausal symptoms are better and emotional control easier with a gluten-free diet! I don’t have to eat gluten-free, but I choose to do so, as well as very low-glycemic. Eating the healing foods in my cookbook has kept me younger, more fit, and more energized than most people my age.