Allergy-Friendly Diet Solution


Tree-Nut Allergy

If you can eat seeds and coconut (even though it grows on trees, not considered a tree nut in the U.S. and most of us do just fine with it) youíll love the alternatives for tree-nut allergies in my cookbooks.

Night-Shade Allergy

Night shade vegetables include potatoes, tomatoes, peppers (all kinds, including bell) and eggplant. They contain belladonna, which is poisonous substance (in large quantities) that builds up in the system. Some people find they do best without nightshades, from joint pain to hot-flashes. My cookbook has very few nightshades, only in a few recipes. The rest are night-shade-free!

Milk Allergy

There are alternatives for milk in every recipe, using either cashew cream (or can substitute seeds for cashews in cream for tree-nut-allergies) and ice-cream made with coconut milk or cashew cream of coconut allergy, too.

Egg Allergy

Use Egg-replacer, as noted in recipes. Chia seed and Flaxseed soaked can be used, one tablespoon, soaked, per egg to replace.

Soy Allergy

No soy except Bragg liquid Aminos in some recipes. Itís broken down so far, and is non-GMO, that most people have no problem with it. But if you do, you can use any alternative ìsoy-sauceî product, such as one made with coconuts or simply good, tasty salt such as Himalayan Sea Salt (recommended in my cookbook).